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The Teens at Work E-Learning courses are hands on and a convenient method for any youth to receive employment training. Youth have the convenience of following the instructor as he reads each page and guides them through the activities. There is also a quiz to test learning comprehension.



Character Development E-Learning Course

Teaches youth the qualities of good character and how to become that person. This course covers trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, and being a team player.


Customer Service E-Learning Course

Teaches youth the importance of customer service within a business and the skills needed to obtain a position in a customer service environment. This course covers standards for customer service, holding procedure, transferring procedures, defusing angry customers and ending calls.


Work Ethics E-Learning Courses

Teaches youth the standards of working, the expectations of an employer and how to maintain and excel in the position. This course covers attendance, performance, time management, confidentiality, reviews and promotions, resigning and terminations.


Resume Writing E-Learning Course

Teaches youth how to create a winning resume, a cover letter, and a thank you letter.











Interviewing Techniques E-Learning Course

Teaches youth the basic tools needed when interviewing for a position. This course covers attire, demeanor, and behavioral interview questions.


Effective Communication E-Learning Course

Teaches youth how to effectively communicate in a working environment and the affects of a negative and positive attitude. This course covers verbal communication, non verbal communication, and listening skills.


Professionalism E-Learning Course

Teaches youth the attributes and social skills needed when working in a professional environment. This course covers self-image, creating an image, body language, attire, and gestures.


Money Management E-Learning Course

Teaches youth the importance of money management, which includes balancing a checkbook, budgeting, establishing financial goals, understanding credit cards, and savings and investments.



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